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how do we price our services?

A better question might be “How don’t we price our services?” Most of our work is custom, each project requiring its own idiosyncratic measure of labour and materials. We’ve found that the fairest estimates are those that thoughtfully consider the particulars of a job and price accordingly. That said, it can be helpful to let us know how much you’d like to spend. We’re experts at working within smaller budgets and might be able to suggest an economical solution or two.

frequently asked questions

How much variation is acceptable in letterpress printing?

In relative terms, letterpress is a handmade process and a small amount of variation between prints will occur. A variation of 1/32″ in colour registration is acceptable.

Can I press check my job?

Proofing a letterpress print is generally a costly and impractical process. If you are locally available for a press-check, you’re welcome to visit the print shop in person. Otherwise, we can send samples of similar work or photos of the job as we run it. The latter requires an additional charge and your availability while the job is on press.

What kinds of papers and inks do you have?

Papers: Our house papers are 110 lb Crane Lettra flourescent white cover and 130 lb Coronado bright white cover with a vellum finish. Both are hefty, premium papers that take impression very well. The former is especially designed for the purpose.

We are experts at sourcing papers, from handmade sheets to vibrantly coloured stocks. Heavy-weight sheets (multi-ply, padding board, blotter paper, fine art papers) are also available.

Inks: We use VanSon rubber-based inks. Colours can be mixed to match the Pantone Solid Uncoated guide.

Can you offer advice on design and pre-press for letterpress printing?

Letterpress excels at line art and type. If you intend on using it for other kinds of graphic reproduction, such as photographs or large areas of solid colour, please inquire with us for further instruction. Specifications on the minimum size of type and line work, as well as preferred digital formats are also available upon request.

How does your printing/custom design process work?

If hiring for custom design:

Questionnaire/Interview: We’ll need to root around a little for cues on style and function. Questionnaire forms are available for wedding clients, or an interview can be conducted at your convenience.

Concepts and Revisions: 2-3 design concepts are prepared and sent to you for feedback and revisions. After several back-and-forths, the design is refined and a final digital proof is offered for your OK.

The process normally requires 10-15 business days to complete.

If hiring for printing:

Pre-press and Plate-making:  Having been rendered as a digital proof and client-approved, the artwork is submitted to pre-press and printing plates are made.

Press-check and Production: A press check is conducted upon request (see information on press checks below) and production begins.

The process normally requires 10-15 business days to complete.



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