what we do
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our process: slow and steady

We letterpress print on two presses: a Vandercook SP-20 proofing press (maximum sheet size: 19.5″ × 28″) and a Heidelberg Windmill 10″ × 15″ platen press.

Like any modern boutique letterpress outfit, we print digital designs using photopolymer plates, but we also have over a dozen wood fonts and two dozen metal fonts available for hand composition.

We offer design consultation (to ensure letterpress-friendly artwork), pre-press (to ready artwork for processing as printing plates) and production management (including sourcing suppliers and production partners).


We also offer a range of specialty finishing techniques, in-house or through our associates, including:


Our paper is so thick that we can colour its edges. Imagine a racing stripe for your business card.


Laminate two sheets together for a truly heavy-weight stock or to fuse one colour of paper to another.

Scoring, folding and assembly

Leave all manner of scoring and folding to us. Packaging assembly too. And origami.


Numbering leaves a unique number or other identifier on each print. Useful for editioned art or tickets.


Deckling gives a soft, torn look to the edges of your sheet. We can also preserve the deckle edge of a handmade paper.


Another way to treat the edges of your printed goods. Different radii available. A wedding invitation favourite.

Paper drilling

Need hang tags? How about breathing holes in your cereal box?


With die-cutting, your printed goods can take on almost any 2D shape.


Perfect-binding, saddle-stitched or hand-sewn. Make a book with us!

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